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Stubborn fat, the type that you can’t seem to lose even with hard work, is a major source of frustration for many women and men today. Whether it’s your abdomen, thighs, hips, arms, double chin, or some other area that’s the issue, Altus Medical Care, located in Trenton, New Jersey, has a state-of-the-art solution for you: the Cutera truSculpt® 3D noninvasive body contouring machine. Highly experienced internists Rajnish Chawla, MD, and Rupinder Chawla, MD, offer personalized body sculpting to give you a face and figure you’re proud of. Book online or by phone today.

Body Contouring Q & A

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is noninvasive fat reduction treatment. At Altus Medical Care, the experienced team uses truSculpt 3D, a state-of-the-art body sculpting platform from aesthetics field leader, Cutera. 

The truSculpt 3D system uses radio-frequency technology to destroy fat, tighten skin, and sculpt your body. Body sculpting with truSculpt 3D can destroy as much as 24% of the fat cells in the treated area with every treatment.

What are the best areas of the body for body contouring?

TruSculpt 3D can reduce fat and tighten skin nearly anywhere on your body. Some patients even have truSculpt 3D treatments to eliminate a double chin! The most popular areas for truSculpt 3D body sculpting include:

  • The abdomen, including the muffin top area
  • The flanks, also called love handles
  • The thighs, also called saddlebags
  • The under-arm area, sometimes called bat wings

If stubborn fat in another area troubles you, ask your Altus Medical Care provider about how truSculpt 3D can help.

What is a body contouring treatment like?

Your Altus Medical Care provider positions the truSculpt 3D handpiece above the area with unwanted fat and then glides it gently back-and-forth while it sends radio-frequency energy to your fat cells to break them down.

This special glide technique gives you reliable and consistent results, even over large areas like the abdomen. Your body contouring can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. Most Altus Medical Care patients say the truSculpt 3D treatment is painless, and no anesthesia is needed. You can return to your normal routine immediately.

When will I see body contouring results?

It takes some time for the fat cells to fully break down and leave your body, but you may notice results within as little as a month. Usually, you'll see the final results within three months. 

How many body sculpting treatments do I need?

It depends on what your concerns and goals are. Most patients get excellent results with 1-2 treatments. If you need a second treatment session, it's usually at least a month after the initial one.

Ready to tone, tighten, and eliminate fat without surgery or downtime? Schedule your body sculpting session at Altus Medical Care online or by phone now.