Rajnish Chawla, MD

Internist located in Trenton, NJ

Meet Dr. Rajnish Chawla

Rajnish Chawla, MD, is an internal medicine specialist at Altus Medical Care, where he provides compassionate and holistic care to his patients in and around Trenton, New Jersey.

Dr. Chawla was born in the Hamilton Township. Having grown up in Hamilton, Dr. Chawla feels strongly about giving back to the community that raised him. He knows many of his patients personally and feels strongly about providing individualized care and a wide range of services. 

Dr. Chawla believes that patients who look good also feel good. In addition to being a board-certified internist, Dr. Chawla is trained in laser aesthetic procedures and laser vein treatments. He is also registered with the state of New Jersey to offer use of the Medicinal Marijuana Program, including CBD products, to qualified patients. 

Dr. Chawla has been practicing medicine in the Hamilton area for the past 19 years. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and is a recent member of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M) in Chicago. Dr. Chawla also sits on the Hamilton Township School Board of Physicians.

Accepted Insurances

The following insurances are currently accepted at Altus Medical Care. Check back soon for an updated list or call our office to ask about your specific insurance details. If you have an insurance that is not listed, please contact our office to confirm coverage.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare